Not Again.

A very short and pointless story:

The Anthropology Department's graduate coordinator invites all the grad students to his house for a small party on Friday. As I still do not (nor particularly care to) own an automobile, I arrange to get a ride with John, an archaeology major who lives right off campus.

Arriving at John's early Friday evening, notice an extra car in the driveway and an open front door. Walk in, see Wayne (a bio anth major) and some woman (whom I recognize from classes but don't actually know) sitting in the living room. Wayne says John is getting ready, so sit down to talk to Wayne and the mystery woman.

"Hi. I'm Shari," she says.

"Hi. I'm Michael," I ever-so-wittily reply.

She replies "I know you. You're the Phantom of Lowry Hall. You walk around and don't talk to anybody."

(End of vignette.)

Sigh. It begins again. What does UT do for a campus ghost without me, anyway?

Mailed at 02:15:27 AM EDT on 10 April 1994 from Kent, OH