Genderbending redux

I had one of those creepy coincidences occur last week, the kind that makes part of me agitated enough that I have to say something about it, but makes another part of me hesitant to say anything about it, because nobody here Kent State would get it, and whether they do or not, it would probably cause me more trouble than I desire (which would be any trouble, as I'm fairly comfortable just initimidating them). So, all I can do is foist my reality upon you all for a minute, and see if you get it.

See, the KSU Journalism department has this annoying glossy magazine, The Burr, that comes out once or twice a year, and usually has weird and incomplete cover stories about stuff no one cares about. The issue that came out last Monday had a strange and incomplete cover story about "living as the other sex for a day", wherein a male and female staff member cross-dressed for a night at the bars in Kent.

Now, the guy dressed as a woman went the whole route, shaved legs, wig, black dress and all. The girl dressed as a guy just put her hair in a manly-sort of ponytail, wore some heavy clothing, and got a fake beard.

The guy didn't fool anybody in Kent -- he looked like a reject from The Kids in the Hall.

The girl was slightly more sucessful. She looked a lot like me.


Nobody said anything about it to me in the department or the dorm, but I'd swear that the next day I got a few suspicious looks (even a few more than usual). Sigh. This is going to do wonders for my social life.

Why me?

Mailed at 02:59:12 AM EST on 15 December 1994 from Kent, OH