Advertising. I just don't get it.

I was watching TV last night, and I saw a commercial for Entertainment Tonight stating they were going to "unveil the winner of the Wonderbra Model Search" on their next show. I'm just wondering, what did the want ad for that one look like?

WANTED FOR NATIONAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: Young woman, nice but small breasts, willing to admit she need enhancement to attract men's attention. Send photos.

Are there a lot of aspiring models looking for work like that? (Or do they need to have a search because somebody finally found a product that Cindy Crawford has too much dignity to endorse?) Will the Wonderbra Girl have to make commercials announcing she has small breasts? Are normal women supposed to take her for a role-model? Will hoardes of horny young men (and angry young feminists) be stealing Wonderbra posters off bus stop walls? Why does Entertainment Tonight consider this entertainment, anyway? WHY ISN'T BOB DOLE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?

I think I watch too much television.

Mailed at 02:25:46 PM EDT on 13 June 1995 from Grosse Ile, MI