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Amy        2/19/00  8:36 PM  Hi Mike.  Does my profile suit you?  What are

                                  you up to?

Michael    2/19/00  8:43 PM  It's better than some, but still a little

                                  vague.  And our timezones don't match.  Where

                                  are you really?  Phoenix, Idaho, or


Amy        2/19/00  8:49 PM  I am in Arizona, really.  I don't know what my

                                  roomate set the clock at?????

Michael    2/19/00  8:54 PM  (If you're in Win98, Arizona is the easiest

                                  state to live in.  Double-click the current

                                  time in the lower right corner of the screen,

                                  then click on the "Time Zone" tab, and pick

                                  "Arizona" from the drop-down menu.)


                                  Why are 2 girls from Idaho in Phoenix? 

                                  College students, maybe?


                                  Back to an earlier question, I'm working on

                                  web site I volunteer for.

Amy        2/19/00  8:54 PM  are you still here????

Michael    2/19/00  8:54 PM  Yes, I'm still here.  Just a slow typist, I


Amy        2/19/00  8:56 PM  as far as i can see i am in the right time. 

                                  my clock says 8 57.


                                  ya we are her for school...   love it down

                                  here!!! the weather the people and the fun!

                                  who could ask for more?? i don't ever want to

                                  go back!  


                                  What are you doing?

Amy        2/19/00  8:56 PM  its okay!!!!!!  What are you doing tonight

Michael    2/19/00  8:58 PM  I'm probably going to keep editing this web

                                  site until I get really borded and go to bed. 

                                  (I was never good at scheduling my free time.)

Amy        2/19/00  8:58 PM  ou adfera 

Michael    2/19/00  8:59 PM  What was that, again?

Amy        2/19/00  8:59 PM  thats waht you get whej two driu

Michael    2/19/00  9:01 PM  Are you drunk or something?  It's only 9 p.m.

                                  (Related question:  What school?)

Amy        2/19/00  9:02 PM  yeah, i am drunk......does that bother you?



                                  but you seee, i am a good girll, am uyyij

Amy        2/19/00  9:03 PM  oh, sorry, you see, this is really weird

                                  becuase i am a good christian girl and i dont

                                  do this.....so i don tunderstand why

                                  iam.////////// do you understand

Michael    2/19/00  9:04 PM  I'm too old to be that judgemental about what

                                  people do in their own homes, but I have to

                                  ask:  Why is it the good girls are always the

                                  drinkers?  Is being a good girl really that


Amy        2/19/00  9:04 PM  YEAH< IT MUST BE>>>>>>> I NEVER DO TIHS!

Amy        2/19/00  9:05 PM  can i call you?

Michael    2/19/00  9:07 PM  It's all right:  Lots of people use the

                                  Internet to let off steam, and I doubt you've

                                  done anything approaching a biblical sin. 

                                  (But then again, I never finished reading the

                                  Bible.  I suppose there could be an Internet

                                  chapter somewhere I missed....)


                                  But sorry, my roommates would freak out if I

                                  gave our phone number to somebody I just met


Amy        2/19/00  9:07 PM  you know.....is it micheal boozer, or micheall


Amy        2/19/00  9:08 PM  do you go to church?

Michael    2/19/00  9:11 PM  Bauser.  Usually pronounced bow-zer.  As far

                                  as alcohol goes, my friends consider me a



                                  I was raised atheist.  My lifetime

                                  church-going experience is one baptism, two

                                  masses, five weddings,  two rehearsals, and a

                                  lecture on witchcraft.

Amy        2/19/00  9:14 PM  micheal that is not the way to go......you

                                  need to come to church with me tomorrow,

                                  because there really is a god.....and

                                  everybody needs to know him, so that they can

                                  go to heaven.........why not just

                                  beleive........then who cares if there really

                                  is in the end.......it will just make you afe.

Michael    2/19/00  9:19 PM  I appreciate the concern, but no offense:  Do

                                  you really think drunken 20-year olds should

                                  be lecturing people on moral decisions?  I may

                                  be godless, but at least I rendered Caesar his

                                  due when it came to underage drinking laws. 

                                  How about we live and let live?

Amy        2/19/00  9:21 PM  sorry but we are all 22 and what ever you

                                  choose to do is your decision.   no hard


Michael    2/19/00  9:23 PM  No hard feelings here.  By the way, you never

                                  said what school you go to.

Amy        2/19/00  9:31 PM  mike boozer...i am not really drunk

Michael    2/19/00  9:31 PM  Then, you're just a really bad typist?

Amy        2/19/00  9:31 PM  dont be mad at me.

Amy        2/19/00  9:31 PM  no i am really not...i want you to believe in


Michael    2/19/00  9:35 PM  I'm not *mad* at you, I'm just beginning to

                                  wonder if you're having some sort of



                                  And again, no offense intended, I've been

                                  godless since before you were born, and nobody

                                  who knows me considers that so tragic.  Why

                                  are you so concerned, again?

Amy        2/19/00  9:36 PM  that really concerns me.


                                  if there is no god, does that mean that you

                                  beleive in creatino?

Amy        2/19/00  9:38 PM  oopps sorry, i mean evolution

Michael    2/19/00  9:40 PM  I have a degree in anthropology.  You

                                  generally don't get those without

                                  understanding evolution.

Amy        2/19/00  9:42 PM  it is not true.....i just want to know

                                  that.... ya know, if you were raised as a

                                  christian you would beleive

                                  otherwise........you should just take a look

                                  at it and give it a chance

Michael    2/19/00  9:47 PM  Given that telepathy isn't part of traditional

                                  Christian practice, I really doubt you know

                                  what I have and haven't given a chance.  I've

                                  read Genesis, and it's inconsistent with the

                                  geological, fossil, and mitochondrial



                                  You know, I'm sure far greater minds than you

                                  and I debate this sujbect every day.  Why are

                                  we spending a Saturday night on it?

Amy        2/19/00  9:48 PM  well, what do you want to talk about then? 

                                  sex,,,,,because i am really horny

Michael    2/19/00  9:50 PM  What are you drinking?  Absinthe?  You're all

                                  over the map here....

Amy        2/19/00  9:51 PM  no, just peach cider or somthing....but i am

                                  really horny

Michael    2/19/00  9:54 PM  You're trashed off hard cider?  Wow, you

                                  really are from Idaho.....


                                  I don't even play online roleplaying games,

                                  let alone online sex games.  You're a 22-year

                                  old drunk girl in Phoenix, Arizona.  How hard

                                  could it be for you to find a real, live guy

                                  in a bar somewhere?

Amy        2/19/00  9:55 PM  i am only 19

Michael    2/19/00  9:57 PM  35 minutes ago, you said you were 22. Even a

                                  whole gallon of peach cider shouldn't  make

                                  you forget your own age. 


                                  I doubt a 19-year old would have much trouble

                                  getting laid in this town, either, unless

                                  maybe she went around trying to convert


Amy        2/19/00  9:59 PM  ya know....that is not what i want.......i am

                                  a virgin and plan on staying that way untill i

                                  get married thank you very juch

Michael    2/19/00  10:03 PM So, you're a horny, drunk, age-confused virgin

                                  looking for hot chat?  You aren't mixing that

                                  cider with anti-depressants, are you?


                                  As an aside, how do virgins define the

                                  parameters of horny, anyway?  It's like a

                                  tee-totaler saying she needs a drink....

Amy        2/19/00  10:06 PM i have had on orgasm, just never sex

Michael    2/19/00  10:07 PM Was there another person involved?  Is this

                                  one of those "technically a virgin" things?

Amy        2/19/00  10:08 PM yeah, do you have  a problem with that?

Michael    2/19/00  10:11 PM I just think it's an odd distinction to make,

                                  in the sense that being a good girl apparently

                                  depends so much one act, and all the others

                                  are OK.  The separation between sex and sex

                                  play seems a little arbitrary.

Amy        2/19/00  10:11 PM have you had sex?

Michael    2/19/00  10:13 PM Yes.

Amy        2/19/00  10:13 PM hhmm......well is it any good?

Michael    2/19/00  10:15 PM Yes, very.  With the right woman, it's the

                                  only spiritual experience this poor little

                                  godless boy gets to have.

Amy        2/19/00  10:16 PM oh well that's too bad......i am glad you have

                                  something you look forward to in life.

Michael    2/19/00  10:16 PM Don't worry about me; I get by all right.

Amy        2/19/00  10:17 PM well that's good to know.



                                  So do you have a pic?

Michael    2/19/00  10:21 PM A picture of me?  There's a slightly blurry

                                  one (a friend took it) in my ICQ info.  


                                  Click on that little "i" near the upper right

                                  corner of these message boxes, then click the

                                  "Picture" tab at the top of  User Details box.


Amy        2/20/00  5:14 PM  How ya doing Micheal Boozer??


                                  sorry about last night.

Michael    2/20/00  5:15 PM  I'm OK.  Don't worry about it.  How are you? 

                                  Sobered up yet, or is it a 2-day bender?

Amy        2/20/00  5:16 PM  no it really wasnt that bad even......i was

                                  sober last night after like an hour

Michael    2/20/00  5:17 PM  That's good.  I wouldn't want you to miss

                                  church because of a hangover or anything.

Amy        2/20/00  5:18 PM  lol....dont worry i didnt....i got up and went

                                  to church today.  :)  haha

Michael    2/20/00  5:20 PM  What church would that be, anyway?

Amy        2/20/00  5:21 PM  open door fellowship

Michael    2/20/00  5:22 PM  Sounds like one of the ones with lots of Bible


Amy        2/20/00  5:23 PM  well isnt that what church is all about?

Michael    2/20/00  5:25 PM  Not always.  I get the impression that

                                  Catholics and Presbyterians (among others)

                                  don't worry too much about reading the whole

                                  book over and over.  Then again, Catholics

                                  have lots of extra stories to worry about. 

                                  All those martyrings....

Amy        2/20/00  5:27 PM  yeah, sure

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