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 Started on Wed Jun 28 09:06:58 2000


MasterSurf 06/28/00 6:49 AM  Hi Michael...:)

MasterSurf 06/28/00 7:21 AM  Hi Michael,

                                  Please contact me ASAP


Michael    06/28/00 8:22 AM  Why?  Who are you?

MasterSurf 06/28/00 8:27 AM  Hello,

                                  Did you hear about TourBar.com ?

Michael    06/28/00 8:28 AM  That's not actually an answer to my question. 

                                  You have one more chance:  Who the hell are



MasterSurf 06/28/00 8:32 AM  Nice :),

                                  Anyway, my name is Emanuel ,and I am the

                                  MasterSurfer community leader from

                                  www.TourBar.com, and I thought that maybe you

                                  would like to be a mastersurfer, because I now

                                  that you lead a community at dmoz.com.

                                  What do you think about THAT ?

MasterSurf 06/28/00 8:39 AM  Hey, did u get my message ?

Michael    06/28/00 9:03 AM  I think you still haven't provided an adequate

                                  answer to my question.  Stop messaging me. 


Logged at 09:06:58 AM MST on 28 June 2000 from Phoenix, AZ