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             93004491  Geno

 Started on Sun Jul 29 17:01:58 2001


Geno       07/29/01 4:46 PM  May I ask you a question?



Michael    07/29/01 4:47 PM  Sure, but if it turns into a pitch about Excel

                                  Communications, I'm going to personally drive

                                  to Florida this week and kick your ass.

Geno       07/29/01 4:50 PM  Do you know someone with Excel that has been

                                  harrassing you?

Michael    07/29/01 4:51 PM  I'm pretty sure EVERYONE with Excel has been

                                  harassing me.  I get at least one recruitment

                                  pitch on ICQ a week.  I've gotten tired of

                                  hearing about it.

Geno       07/29/01 4:53 PM  I'm sorry to hear that, the only advice I can

                                  give you is to try and remove your name from

                                  the ICQ white pages listing

Michael    07/29/01 4:55 PM  I'm not going into hiding.  I'm reporting all

                                  Excel reps to ICQ for spamming and harassment.

                                   You pyramid-promoting bastards aren't going

                                  to chase me off the net.  Go to hell.

Geno       07/29/01 5:00 PM  Im sorry that you're being harrassed, thats no

                                  reason to tell me off. No one is trying to run

                                  you off the net. I was trying to help  you,

                                  they find you in the white pages.Good day sir.

Michael    07/29/01 5:01 PM  Drop dead.

Logged at 05:01:58 PM MST on 29 July 2001 from Phoenix, AZ