My 4 seconds of fame.

Since everyone always asks what I'm up to, I might as well admit it: I protest war a lot. It's cheaper than going to the movies.

But anyway, I accidentally got on TV this time. Real Player required:

I show up in the background at the 1:03 mark. I'm (still) the long-haired guy in black. I think I can actually pick out my voice yelling "Peace!" and "Now!", because even at war protests, I'm the loud one.

I think the arm holding up the yellow "There are no smart bombs" sign next to me is a Tim, a middle-school kid who was protesting during his school's Autumn Break. I taught him the legal rules for using profanity on protest signs while he was sig-heiling the Secret Service. Kids today....

I have to go to work now. Bye.

Mailed at 02:22:38 PM MST on 15 October 2002 from Phoenix, AZ