Free stuff for the old dork!

I used to play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons back in high school. A lot. I haven't played much since college, but I'm still on the game publisher's mailing lists, so they sent me a box of promotional junk today. I got a bunch of stuff I'm never going to use: a giant die with symbols instead of numbers, a tiny plastic dwarf, an adventure that requires rulebooks I don't own, and a translucent "fireball" diagram. The fireball is not round. Am I insane, or shouldn't something called a "fireball" be round?

Last night's adjustments to the Greymatter code worked, but not in the way I expected or appreciated. Apparently, changes to Greymatter's timezone setting is retroactive. What the hell is the point of putting timezone stamps on entries if they get re-labeled incorrectly whenever I move more than a few hundred miles? Maybe it's time to look at some other blogging software.

In the real world, Bob Graham dropped out of the presidential race last night. The poor guy's problem? Probably over-qualified, but not enough personality for politics today. And CNN is calling the California election for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has the opposite problem.

Posted at 11:26:13 PM EDT on 07 October 2003 from Trenton, MI