At first, I thought it was killer bees.

My jalopy of a PC started buzzing today. More accurately, the fan started buzzing. I decided it might be dust jammed in a bad spot, so I unbolted the power module and spent a half hour blasting the thing with compressed air and sticking Q-tips in places they probably don't belong. (Of course, many Q-tips in America are probably being stuck in places they don't belong.) It apparently worked. The buzzing went away.

(While looking up the URL for "Q-tips", I discovered that the manufacturer offers a booklet on how to use Q-tips. Who needs instructions for Q-tips? Of course, I'm going to have to order that, just to find out what the official instructions are. It would be really embarassing if I'd been using them incorrectly all these years.)

Posted at 12:06:26 AM EDT on 09 October 2003 from Trenton, MI