Election Day in Nowheresville.

I only live four blocks from Trenton City Hall, so I walked to the polling place. The 2003 election in Trenton was close to pointless, with only Treasurer and three City Council seats contested. (As evidence of exactly how much nobody cared, I'll note that only one candidate bothered to get a website, and it was down the night before the election.) It was a nice walk to the polls -- the weather was an unseasonable 75 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the sign-holding campaigners gave me a piece of candy, and the polling place was right there by the entrance. Yeah, everything was fine until I met the line-up of seven little old ladies running the polling place.

The first little old lady sent me to the third little old lady (the second little old lady apparently existed only to tell me I didn't need my voter registration card), who gave me a form to fill out, which I showed to the fourth little old lady, who sent me to stand in line for the sixth little old lady (the fifth little old lady being reserved for voters whose last names began with the letters M through Z), who handed me off to the seventh little old lady, who had to pick my voting booth for me and flip some switch on the outside before I could close the curtain and vote.

By the time I got through that gauntlet, I was almost too annoyed to vote. But I did, because I want to be able to say "Hey, I voted for you" if I ever meet the unopposed mayor. Gotta work my way into that political machine somehow.

Posted at 11:32:38 PM EST on 04 November 2003 from Trenton, MI