I got kicked off an island once, too.

Rupert, the emotionally-volatile, skirt-wearing, hippie-king of Survivor: Pearl Islands got voted off the island tonight. Everyone who watches Survivor agrees Rupert was the most competant player. (Among other things, he was the only one who could fish worth a damn.) America loved the guy, the other players depended on him, and he was almost unstoppable in immunity challenges.

So, of course, the same thing happened that always happens on Survivor -- one of the evil players (in this case, Burton) convinced the weak players that they could never win in a vote against Rupert, but that they might win in a vote against him, because he's not as likable as Rupert. So the morons voted Rupert off.

Do Survivor players ever watch Survivor? What they're trying to do never works. The evil guy always wins.

Partnering with the evil player on Survivor is like being in an abusive relationship -- he flatters and manipulates the weak players until they think they're supposed to be his servant, then turns around and crushes them one by one. Then, at the end of the game, everyone votes for someone they don't like because saying "he played the game better" is less painful than admitting that they got taken for a ride. I hate them. I hate them all.

I can stop watching Survivor: Pearl Islands now, because I know how it's going to end, and it pisses me off. If I wanted to watch passive- agressive liars win all the battles, I can get a job in an office.

Posted at 11:27:08 PM EST on 20 November 2003 from Trenton, MI