I can't wait to see my FBI file.

Back when I was living in Phoenix, I protested the then-impending invasion of Iraq at three different rallies. The third time around, a woman walked up to me asked "What's your name?" I told her, she wrote it down, then asked "Who are you here with?" I replied "Nobody -- I'm one of those scary loner types." She looked at me funny and walked away.

Today, The New York Times reported that the FBI is surveiling antiwar protests. The most annoying aspect of this news: a couple of weeks after that rally, I practically got thrown out of the Democratic Party for being that paranoid. (Four "undercover" police cars parked outside a campaign site on election day, and I'm the only person who thinks that's objectionable.) It's like time I wore a ring to school in the sixth grade, and the other kids insisted "boys don't wear rings" -- I'm consistently ahead of my time, but never appreciated for it. And people wonder why I'm so cranky all the time....

Posted at 11:48:51 PM EST on 22 November 2003 from Trenton, MI