It's like three blondes for the price of one.

I stayed up late enough last night to actually see some music videos on VH1. (You pretty much have to be an insomniac to see videos on VH1.) I caught the clip for New Doubt's cover of Talk Talk's "It's My Life" (apparently, the single from No Doubt's greatest hits album -- I didn't know they had that many hits.) Gwen Stefani plays a 1930s "black widow" who kills three husbands (played by the rest of the band, but Gwen's is the only name I can tell you from memory) before getting executed. If it weren't in color (and maniacally over-acted), it would almost be film noir.

I know Gwen was trying to be Jean Harlow, but she reminded me more of of Madonna, circa the "Material Girl" video. So at three in the morning, I'm watching Gwen Stefani playing Madonna playing Jean Harlow singing Talk Talk, and all I can think is "Have I lost my mind, or has she?"

Posted at 11:19:23 PM EST on 23 November 2003 from Trenton, MI