It's more turkey than I can handle.

President Bush snuck into Iraq today to wish the troops a Happy Thanksgiving. (He's our wish-granting President, you know.) The trip was made secretly 'for security reasons.' Contrary to what I'm sure many Republicans are going to claim, this is not the first time a United States President has visited an active war zone while still in office. (I'm guessing the first President to technically do so was Madison, but he was fleeing the British when they invaded Washington, so we won't dwell on that.) I think Lyndon Johnson's visit to Viet Nam is more interesting, because Johnson didn't have to go in secretly. He just flew in, inspected the place, and went home.

There are two equally plausible explanations for why one President felt the need to sneak in and the other didn't: Either Johnson is braver than Bush, or Viet Nam was safer than Iraq. Take your pick.

Eh, who am I kidding. They're both true.

Posted at 11:16:42 PM EST on 27 November 2003 from Trenton, MI