I was going to write about porn today, but...

I notice that Blog For America hasn't mentioned the capture of Saddam Hussein yet. I guess Howard Dean doesn't know what to say right now, either.

Seriously, though: This won't make democracy break out across the Middle East, it won't end the insurgency in Iraq, and it won't end terrorism as we know it. (Repeat after me: Saddam is not Osama. Saddam is not Osama. Saddam is Osama.) It will make a mess of the presidential race, at least until the next big screw-up. (Worst case scenario for the incumbent: Saddam comes up with a way to prove that Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction. That's an unlikely scenario, of course, but it would be intriguing.) At this point, it's all too speculative for me to care enough to write about.

But just for the historical record, "They captured Saddam!" was the second piece of news I heard after waking up Sunday morning. The first was "It snowed! It really snowed!" That shows you where my mother's priorties are.

Posted at 01:17:41 AM EST on 15 December 2003 from Trenton, MI