In my heart, I'm still an Arizona liberal.

For a few months last year, I worked for the Arizona Democratic Party 2002 election campaign. It didn't pay much, but it was probably the best match I've ever had between my personality and my job requirements -- I like talking to total strangers about politics and getting them involved in the democratic process. (Just don't ask me to raise funds -- I've tried that for other organizations, and I suck at it.) The job fit me like a glove, but unfortunately, it was a seasonal job that ended with the election.

I can remember sitting around the office one day before heading out to canvass some voters, talking with some co-workers about the many politicians lining up to run for president in 2004. Nobody at the table was that fond of Lieberman (too conservative for me, and everybody younger than me), so we were discussing the other candidates. I said I liked Dean because of his stances on the War and civil unions, but I thought both of those stances would make him unelectable. At the time, I figured I do what I do almost every election: Vote for the guy I think like in the primary, watch him lose, then rally around the party's pick. (The Democratic leadership would cry in anguish if they saw a list of rabble-rousers I've supported in primaries past.) In fact, Arizona's so conservative that I assumed Dean wouldn't even run a serious campaign there...

Shows what I know. Tonight,'s random blog link sent me to The Mediaburn Radio Weblog, which informed me that Dean is leading the polls among Arizona Democrats and has a sizable grassroots organization set up there. That's both heartening and depressing for me. While I'm glad to see a progressive candidate getting serious consideration in the Grand Canyon State, I'm disappointed I can't be involved. If I hadn't gone broke and had to move back to Michigan, I'd probably be seriously involved in that effort. Instead, I'm broke, unemployed, living with parents, and can't really contribute to any cause.

I'm trying to make myself think positive. I'm going to get a job again, I'm going to get involved in politics again, I'm going to contribute to society again. Or I'm going to post lots of whiny entries to this blog. Whatever gets you through the night, you know?

Posted at 11:50:08 PM EST on 15 December 2003 from Trenton, MI