President Bush hires advertising dognapper.

Over the past week, ABC News and other news agencies reported that President Bush's media team has recruited some new advisors for next year's re-election campaign. Most of the articles' headlines singled out Vada Hill, formerly chief marketing executive of Taco Bell, whom the Associated Press describes "as being "credited with creating the talking-Chihuahua ad campaign."

Here's what's wrong with that description: Taco Bell didn't create the chihuahua, they stole the chihuahua. They lost a lawsuit in federal court this summer, and were forced to pay the real creators more than forty-two million dollars in damages!

So, I've been wondering how a man who made his bones stealing ideas gets a job on a presidential campaign, but I found the answer in Nation's Restaurant News: Vada Hill worked in the first Bush administration. In the Department of Education, no less.

Now I'm terrified that Vada Hill is just working with Bush in order to get an appointment in the administration. The way Bush's mind works, he'd probably put Hill in charge of regulating truth in advertising....

Posted at 11:48:35 PM EST on 22 December 2003 from Trenton, MI