More maps for me!

One of the free maps I ordered in October finally showed up yesterday. It's a Federal Highway Administration map of America's Scenic Byways, which are an almost random collection of "scenic routes" spread about the United States. Two quick observations about this map:

First Observation: One side of the folded map is completely blank, save for the return address and some indicia. Clearly, the map was meant to be taped shut, addressed, stamped, and mailed as-is. Instead, the FHA taped it shut, put it in a envelope, then addressed, stamped, and mailed it. This country's running a 400-billion dollar deficit (more or less), and the government's wasting my tax money on envelopes it doesn't need. Isn't the money I'm wasting by ordering the map enough for them?

Second Observation: The only "scenic byway" listed in Michigan is Woodward Avenue. I've been on Woodward Ave -- it ain't that scenic, and it's a straight line from Detroit to Pontiac. If you need a road map to drive from Detroit to Pontiac, you've got issues a scenic drive isn't going to help.

Now that I've got this map, I've ordered a free map of Ohio. That one might actually be useful, since it's the state I drive through every time I run away from Michigan.

Posted at 11:46:15 PM EST on 27 December 2003 from Trenton, MI