New blog, same as the old blog.

There's a European hosting company called 1&1 Internet that's decided to introduce itself to the U.S. market with a big offer: three years of free website hosting. Apparently, there business model is to give away a ton of service, show everyone how great they are, and make up the leading losses with customer loyalty and referrals.

I hope that works out for them, but I kind of doubt it will, because they kind of suck.

See, I have a bad habit of turning down good opportunities when they're offered to me, then kicking myself for it afterwards. I'm unemployed right now, but foolhardy enough to decide to buy a new domain name for this blog, so 1&1's offer seemed like a good opportunity to save a little money and try out a new service provider. That shows what I know.

When I tried to enter "" into 1&1's name servers, their control panel told me "invalid domain". So I wrote to technical support asking how to use my new domain. Tech support answered that they "won't register it but [...] will support it". That wasn't actually what I was asking about, so I wrote back and explained that I already registered the domain, but that they weren't supporting it.

They didn't respond.

After a few days, I wrote to technical support again. This time, they responded that "Sub domains cannot be registered. would have to be registered for to be created." That's not true of course, and I have the WHOIS record to prove it. I wrote back explaining that, and asking for a yes-or-no answer as to whether they host .name domains.

They still haven't responded.

I gave up. I logged into my regular presence provider,, filled out the form requesting a $5/month virtual domain be added to my main account, and it was working in less than 24 hours. If you can read this post, then I've completed the transition well enough to publish here.

So, final score?

So here I am: Same old blog at a brand new domain, and only a week behind schedule. The last time I registered a new domain, it was already listed in the Open Directory and Google by this point. Instead, I'm still trying to track down forwarding errors.

(Along with moving the blog to its own domain, I'm incorporating my long-neglected original website as an appendix. Most of those pages date back to 1995 (and many haven't been updated since 1999), so they look different from the blog. (They've still got Rutgers buttons!) I've done a quick search-and-replaces to fix most URL errors resulting from the move, but there's almost certainly something I missed somewhere. Again, I never win.)

One final note: Even though it's not available for public registration, does resolve, because the .name registry (Global Name Registry) has put its generic "Welcome to the Family page" there. I want to state for the record that the blonde pictured on that page looks more like Elisha Cuthbert than a Bauser, but if she's interested in becoming a Bauser, she can feel free to e-mail me anytime. That's an opportunity I wouldn't turn down.

Posted at 04:21:56 AM EST on 12 January 2004 from Trenton, MI