Dammit, I thought of that first!

I've been telling people for years that if I ever have a son, I'm naming him "Michael Bauser 3.0". (No, really -- my ODP profile still calls me "Michael Bauser 2.0", and even though I haven't had editing privileges there for three years.) The problem is that I can barely find women crazy enough to sleep with me, let alone bear children and leave me in charge of naming them. That's why I got beat to the punch by a geek here in Michigan who named his son "John Blake Cusack 2.0". Another good idea, down the drain because I waited too long.

Similarly, I nearly started a blog back in 1995. See, I'd been writing odd little notes, letters, and e-mails to friends for years, so I started saving copies and putting them up in a web page called "Michael's Words". If I hadn't stopped, I be one of the Old Men of Blogging. Instead, I'm just some schmuck with a page that nobody reads.

I've still got a bunch of those notes, too. In fact, I just used one to test the "backdated entry" code I added to my blogging script, so this blog now has one entry from 1994. (The timestamp is even correct, because I still had the e-mail headers for reference.) Eventually, I hope to fold all of that old site into this one, and maybe dig up some other stuff from the 1990s. It's like time-travel for lusers!

Posted at 11:47:42 PM EST on 03 February 2004 from Trenton, MI