Yeah, we love you too, Wes.

My mother, believe it or not, is a Wesley Clark supporter. (She's got a thing for veterans. Long story.) She even wanted me to find her a Clark rally to take her to this week (after all, Michigan's caucus is tomorrow), but I've been checking the General's campaign schedule all week, and guess what? He ain't coming. The General, like most of the Democratic contenders, has decided to blow off Michigan in favor of concentrating on states that haven't gone Kerry-crazy. Clark spent all of today in Tennessee, and that primary isn't until Tuesday.

Still, I'm driving Mom to the caucus site tomorrow, where she's going to vote to for Clark, and I'm probably going to vote for Dean. Michigan's delegates are being handed out by caucus rules, so any candidate who gets more 15% or more of the vote gets some candidates delegates. I'm I can't help pick the presidential candidate, at least I can try to influence the vice-presidential contenders.

Posted at 11:21:39 PM EST on 06 February 2004 from Trenton, MI