Caucus Day in Nowheresville.

I actually had trouble sleeping last night because I was too excited about today's caucuses. I'm such a dork.

I was wrong about my polling location being the recreation center where I'd applied for a job; it turns out voting was at the activities center down the street the from the recreation center. (Note to self: Stop getting driving directions from stroke vicitims.) When I drove my mother there (around one in the afternoon, three hours after the polls opened), the parking lot was almost empty, but not as empty as the parking lot of the place where I voted during the 2002 Arizona Democratic Primary. (There, I showed up five hours after polling opened, and was voter number 12 for the day.) No campaigners in the parking lot, but when we got inside the building, an old hippy stepped out the shadows and politely announced "Dennis Kucinich would appreciate your vote."

Before I could stop myself, I responded "Yeah, I bet he would." (Bad Michael! Shame on you for making fun of someone else's fringe candidate.) The the hippy handed me what appears to be a Dennis Kucinich trading card. As far as collectibles go, I doubt this will ever be a valuable as my old Randy Johnson card. In fact, I doubt it will ever be as valuable as my old San Diego Chicken card.

(Dammit, there I go again.)

The operation inside was similar to, but better organized than last election day -- this time the table only had four people to verify my credentials. The first guy checked my driver's license (to make sure I live in Trenton), then handed me to the second guy (who checked a list of online voters to make sure I hadn't already voted), who then sent me to the woman at the end of the line (apparently, the third guy in line was just for show), who explained how to fill out the paper ballot.

(Curiously, she stopped to explain what a "name suffix" is to my mother, who doesn't have a suffix to her name, but skipped that explanation for me, and I have a suffix on my name. Go figure.)

As with every primary (excuse me, caucus) I've attended, I was the youngest person in the room. (That's democracy for you.) It took a whole minute to vote. I voted for Dean. I spent more time thinking about the questions on the back of the ballot then the question inside.

(The only other interesting thing that happened today: After voting, my mother requested I drive her to Meijer. While walking through the pharmacy section, I noticed something I had never noticed before: Meijer sells flavored condoms. I'd never thought of the Meijer family as a particularly fun-loving bunch, but I guess they're a little kinkier than I thought.)

I'll be damned. I just checked the results at CNN: Howard Dean got second place in Michigan and Washington. Take that, old hippy! My fringe candidate beat your fringe candidate! Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!

Posted at 11:56:16 PM EST on 07 February 2004 from Trenton, MI