Three unconnected thoughts from the grocery store.

My mother needed me to drive her to the grocery store today. Pointless things I noticed during the trip:

During part of the drive to the store, we were behind a late-model Plymouth Neon. (2000 or 2001 model; I could tell by the logo on the trunk, because I own a Neon myself.) I noticed it had a "U.S. government" license plate. I thought the exploding police cars back in Phoenix were bad, but if the Feds are putting employees in Neons, they must really not care if their people survive car accidents.

At the store, Mom bought two dozen "Grade B" eggs. You don't often see Grade B eggs sold in a supermarket, and neither she nor I knew what the difference was between Grade A and Grade B. (Funny how the practical stuff never came up in Home Education). She bought them anyway, because they were less expensive than Grade A, and "your father can't tell the difference anyway". It's nice to know that my mother only buys the good food for her family when she thinks she can't outsmart us.

(I just looked up the definition of eggs grades, and it turns out that Grade B eggs have thinner whites and/or blemished shells. Yeah, Dad's probably not going to notice the shells, him being blind and all.)

Finally, I was standing in the checkout line when I noticed that Bic has a "patriotic" disposable lighter with a bald eagle and a flag. Yeah, nothing shows a love of America like setting things on fire.

Posted at 11:24:28 PM EST on 19 February 2004 from Trenton, MI