Congress is made of people (who watch too many movies).

So CNN's been running stories for a few days now about the DARPA-sponsored "robot race". A dozen or so completely non-manned cars are supposed to drive themselves from Barstow, California to Primm, Nevada so that DARPA can get a look at the kind of robot technology needed for robot-controlled military vehicles.

Why does the Defense Department want robot-driven vehicles? Because Congress ordered them to get some. According to CNN, Congress wants a third of military vehicles to be computer-controlled by 2012.

I worry about Congress sometimes. Apparently, our representatives and senators watch the same science fiction movies the rest of do, but completely miss the cautionary aspects of them. We watch The Terminator and think "Ooh -- uncontrollable killer robots! Scary!" Congress watches The Terminator and thinks "Ooh -- uncontrollable killer robots! We need those!"

I pray to God that none of our more impressionable Congressmen ever be allowed to watch Soylent Green.

Posted at 11:39:55 PM EST on 09 March 2004 from Trenton, MI