Canada wouldn't hurt me. It needs the money.

Today, Trent Lott said he'll support Americans' right to import drugs from Canada, which is good news for everyone (like me) who occassionally slips over to Windsor for a drug buy. (Oh relax, it's just codeine.) Senator Bill Frist (the doctor who used to kill kittens for practice), on the other hand, insists that allowing consumers to import drugs will cost the government hundreds of millions dollars to inspect and test imported medicine for safety.

I keep seeing this idea of "unsafe imported drugs" being bandied about by the Republicans in office, and I have to say: They're taking xenophobia too far, even for Republicans. We're talking about Canada, here, people!. I grew up in Michigan. I've been to Canada lots of times. You're not going to convince me there's a conspiracy of evil Canadians pharmacists trying to poison to me (even if I may deserve it for making fun of Canada.)

Canadians are just too nice. That, and they like American money too much. It keeps their trade surplus going. They're not going to kill their best customers.

Posted at 11:57:46 PM EST on 12 March 2004 from Trenton, MI