I hate Chicago.

I've only been to Chicago a handful of times, but it's always been an annoying experience. In fact, Chicago is annoying enough that it makes Illinois a state I'd rather drive through than drive to. (When Gencon announced it was leaving Milwaukee, I was terrified it was going to Chicago. Thankfully, it ended up in Fort Wayne, Indiana.) In no particular order:


Anyway, today, I received the map of Wisconsin I ordered, so Illinois is next, because it's the only state bordering Michigan left on my list. The Wisconsin map was disappointing in its lack of cheese-related tourist traps, but it did list the Tommy Barlett's Robot World and Exploratory, which claims to have a Mir space station. Yep, a Mir space station... in Wisconsin... at a place called "Robot World". That's the kind of thing you only find in the Midwest.

Posted at 11:09:06 PM EST on 16 March 2004 from Trenton, MI