Apparently, you don't need an education to get a job in Lincoln Park.

Back in October, I mentioned the city manager of Sterling Heights getting fired for lying on his résumé. The odd part of the story was that everyone agreed he was very good city manager, and a lot of people didn't want to fire him. Still, I'm a little surprised to report that he hasn't let the termination get him down: He's already applied for the city manager job in Lincoln Park.

I'm even more surprised to report that he appears to be the leading candidate for the job. He's the only candidate who got nominated by every member of the city council. Of course, the city council also nominated a guy who's been fired from two jobs (and resigned just before a third firing), as well as a guy who immediately withdrew his application after getting nominated.

Can you tell they're new at this? The Lincoln Park city council's never had to hire a city manager before -- it's a new position. (Apparently, they're still arguing about whether or not the manager should have to live in Lincoln Park.) For their city's sake, let's hope the finals interviews go smoother than the nominations.

Posted at 11:25:57 PM EST on 17 March 2004 from Trenton, MI