Once that species is gone, who cares?

Up late, reading random newspapers and magazines online: The Metro Times Detroit is reporting that the E.P.A. has approved a set of "deep injection wells" underneath the city of Romulus, Michigan. In case you don't know what that means, the Agency has basically said its okay to bury 50 million gallons of hazardous waste underneath a city of 23,000 people.

Now, generally speaking, storing toxic substances underground is considered a questionable decision because it might contaminate groundwater; this concern is usually taken more seriously in Michigan, given that most of our ground is awfully close to a Great Lake or two. But not this time; the E.P.A. says the well will hold the chemicals for 10,000 years, thus "negating any threat" to humans.

Is the E.P.A. predicting the extinction of humans, or just the ones in Romulus? Either way, that's so not the kind of long-term outlook I want to be hearing from my government.

Posted at 04:09:01 AM EST on 24 March 2004 from Trenton, MI