In the year 2005....

My birthday is September 9th. Having the ninth day of the ninth month as a birthday has made me perenially lazy, because I've been able to go my entire life filling out important paperwork without having to care if it wants my birthday written as "day, month, year" or "month, day, year". Having enjoyed the tiny but amusing (to me) advantage of convienent dating for so long, I wasn't surprised when I heard on CNN this weekend that German marriage bureaus had to stay open an extra day last week because of a rush of people trying to get married on April 4. Apparently, Germans think it's really neat to have identical numbers like 04-04-04 on their marriage licenses. (I only found one newspaper article verifying this.) I've been one-upped by a bunch of Germans!

Anyway, when I heard that particular factoid, it occurred to me that the next time the Germans get nicely-duplicated dates will be 5 May 2005, but there probably aren't a lot of people who want to get married on Cinco de Mayo. (That's almost as bad as getting married on Superbowl Sunday.) Besides, somebody (a beer company, if no one else) will probably declare the holiday "Cinco de Mayo de Cinco" (it's perfectly valid Spanglish) and have an extra big party. After all, who would want to miss Cinco de Mayo de Cinco? It has that chant-like cult-mantra quality that appeals to drunks.

Then I realized that Cinco de Mayo probably isn't a big holiday in Germany. Their loss. I'm serious about that Cinco de Mayo de Cinco prediction, though.

Posted at 11:41:47 PM EST on 04 April 2004 from Trenton, MI