Pick a holiday. Any holiday.

Its the first day of May: the anarchists are celebrating labor, the Russians are showing off their love for Lenin, the pagans are setting things on fire, the Christians are parading for homophobia, and the American government is showing off its flag. (Does't it do that every day?) It's like a different holiday in every timezone.

I'm not that organized enough to throw a party, let alone a parade, so I just registered a new domain name. (The plan made me do it.) At this point, I'd down to only having two sites that really need new addresses, so I have to choose: a new domain for web design advice, or a new domain for old school roleplaying? Both sites need a serious overhaul, and moving them to new domains would make the work easier.

I've been doing more web work than gaming lately, and the TLD I want to use for the roleplaying site isn't currently accepting registrations. On the other hand, a domain speculator is sitting on my first choice for the web design site, so I can't have my first choice either way. I hate it when I have to compromise: I registered websnob.net for the web design site. My current plan is to update all the articles, rearrange them by date instead of category (because Tim Berners-Lee was right -- categories need to be redefined too often), try promoting the site properly. Assuming, of course, I don't get bored and forget to finish.

Posted at 11:35:44 PM EDT on 01 May 2004 from Trenton, MI