As I was saying....

The Phoenix New Times has finally noticed that Janet Napolitano is on John Kerry's imaginary list of vice-presidential candidates, and they've made a list of reasons she's not a real contender. Their list only partially overlaps my list of reasons she won't run, because they're looking at her reasons for not running; I was looking at the Democratic Party's reasons for not selecting her.

Speaking of civil servants contemplating unlikely job offers, Steve Duchane, the city manager fired by Sterling Heights for lying on his résumé but still brave enough to apply for a job in Lincoln Park, actually got the job! The city council is already saying good things about him, but the labor unions aren't too thrilled about him.

And finally, some proof that I need to get off my ass and write a comment system for this blog: I recently received an e-mail criticizing my criticism of Vada Hill. Best line? "[Y]ou obviously do not know Mr. Vada Hill[.]" Mr. Vada Hill? What? Did Hill sick his assistant on me?

Posted at 11:20:10 PM EDT on 12 May 2004 from Trenton, MI