By the time I got to Phoenix.

Want to hear a shameful confession? Until tonight, the script powering this weblog could only print entries in two timezones: Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight. That's fine for all the years I spent in Michigan and Ohio, but I lived in Phoenix for four years, and I want entries from there to have Mountain Time on them. I'm fussy like that.

I've been trying to add support for to the script, but I can't get to compile on the Windows box that I use for testing the script. Today, I gave up and added a cheap (and hopefully temporary) hack that implements Mountain Standard Time (the only timezone Phoenix uses), so entries from my time in Arizona will have accurate dates.

Of course, I don't actually have any blog entries from my time in Arizona. In fact, I don't think I added anything to my personal homepage (which this blog replaced) during those years. I do have a few miscellaneous files I meant to add and never got around to, so I'm folding those into the blog as entries backdated to their original file dates. One e-mail (which my little brother really didn't like at the time) and three chat logs that demonstrate that I'm a little unstable all the time. If nothing else, having them in one place will help with those pesky memory problems of mine.

Posted at 01:35:15 AM EDT on 15 May 2004 from Trenton, MI