Graduation isn't about the parents anyway.

Barbara Bush (apparently, "the smart one" of the Bush Twins) graduated from Yale today. As with her sister's graduation on Saturday, neither of her parents attended the graduation, supposedly because they didn't want to inconvienence the other graduates with Presidential-level security measures. I've noticed a few pundits remarking how odd that was, considering how many other graduations President Bush goes to, but I think those writers missed the real story: The President's daughters didn't want him at their graduations.

As the Washington Post explained five months ago, the twins still have some resentment about the extra attention they receive as daughters of a politician. It makes perfect sense that they would ask their parents to skip the graduations ceremonies.

So, now that I'm done sticking up for the President (possibly a first), I have to get in one jab: Did anybody else notice that he had at least three different pronunciations of Abu Ghraib in tonight's speech? It's been his administrations top news story for two weeks; he must have discussed it before tonight, right? Right?

Posted at 11:43:18 PM EDT on 24 May 2004 from Trenton, MI