There's nothing witty to say about Pennsylvania.

The tourism packet I requested from California showed up this weekend. Like a lot of states, California forced me to order a "visitor's guide" I didn't want. In fact, California's map was bound into the guide, so I had to carefully separate it along the perforated line. I hate perforated lines; I almost always end up ripping something that shouldn't be ripped.

I managed to get this map out without any serious damage, though. It's acceptable, as far as road maps go: It doesn't fold up as compactly as most road maps, but it's got a good statewide map, close-ups of the major cities, and lots of helpful corporate logos telling me which cities have amusement parks like Six Flags and Sea World. Interestingly enough, Disney World is not so marked; I guess they didn't want to cough up the sponsorship money.

I think I just ran out of states that I've visited as an adult, so I'm now out of interesting observations. (Maybe "interesting" isn't the right word for I do here.) Anyway, I ordered a map of California so I could visit one brother, I figure I should be ordering the maps I'd need to visit the other brother. He lives in New Jersey, so I ordered a map of Pennsylvania, because it's next to Ohio (whose map I already received), and I'd have to drive through Pennsylvania to get to New Jersey. Hmm... "drive through Pennsylvania to New Jersey" -- that trip doesn't sound appealing at all....

Posted at 11:53:38 PM EDT on 01 June 2004 from Trenton, MI