He's dead. Move on.

I only nine years old when Ronald Reagan was elected, so I don't have any serious recollection of the event. I think my first significant memory of the man is about hearing when he was shot; my school bus driver told us just before dropping me off at my stop. I remember asking if the President was dead, and when the driver said he wasn't, I responded "OK. No big deal."

So, yeah, I was never that intrigued by Ronald Reagan. I don't find his death particularly tragic -- he was 93, for crying out loud. You're supposed to die when you're old.

So, I've spent most of the week being annoyed by the excess of praise directed towards our dead former leader. Of course, I expected the Republicans to prostrate themselves before Reagan's image; for a party supposedly controlled by Christians, they excel as idolatry. (There were a couple of mourners interviewed on the news that I just wanted to slap, like the woman who went to see the coffin because Reagan was "a good Christian". Hey, lady -- If somebody being a Christian is your only criterion for paying respects, you've got a lot of funerals to get to. You don't have time to be on TV.) Of course, the next time a Democratic president dies, I'm sure random Republicans (and everybody who works for Fox News) will insist our guy doesn't deserve a state funeral. And then I'll just have to punch somebody.

(Speaking of dead Democrats, do you think everyone stopped talking about World War II when Roosevelt died? Probably not, but we haven't heard much about Iraq lately. `Cause you know, reporting on an active war isn't nearly as important as maintaining the 24-hour surveillance of some guy's coffin.)

It took most of the media three for four days to remember this guy gave weapons to Iranians allied with terrorists. They still haven't remembered other negative truths, like his attempt to dismantle WIC as wasteful (What? Infant malnutrition is efficient? What?) or the gratuituous de-institutionalization of thousands of mental patients who ended up homeless or in prison. Apparently, those are too insignificant to consider part of one's legacy. Except for online outlets like Salon, the liberal media is dead. You just can't count on them for anything anymore.

Anyway, he's buried now, so can we move on with our lives? Please?

Posted at 03:35:57 AM EDT on 12 June 2004 from Trenton, MI