This isn't New Domain Day!

It's been two months since I last registered a new domain name, so I should be registering a new one today. I'm ignoring that project tonight for three reasons:

  1. I still haven't done anything with the last domain I ordered.
  2. The next domain I want is from a registry that isn't open yet.
  3. Today is the renewal day for my very first domain, and I trying to avoid having multiple domains expire at once.

So, instead of rationalizing the creation of a new domain, I'm going to tell the shocking secret story of how I picked my first domain name, Here it is:

Everything else was taken.

No, really. Back in June of 1999, I wasn't planning on registering my family name as a domain, but I spent two days trying to think of domain names that might describe me, checking them in whois, and discovering all the good domains with words like "antisocial", "misanthropy", or "unlikable" were already registered. All the good words really are taken.

My family name? Apparently not such a good word for most people. It was wide open, unregistered in every TLD except .de (those pesky Germans). So I thought about it for a couple of days and decided could settle for the obvious default: At the very least, it would give me an address that my friends could remember. On 1 July 1999, I registered and made my primary e-mail address.

As it turns out, however, having one's name as an e-mail address isn't as amazingly useful as everyone thinks it is. My friends still don't write, my mother never remembers the address, all the spammers know my first name, and nobody else believes the address is real. Either they think I'm making something up to avoid giving them a real address, or they think I'm an idiot who doesn't know how e-mail works. (I once filled out a job application that requested an e-mail address -- the receptionist handed it back to me and said "No, your e-mail address goes here." I'm actually glad that company didn't hire me.)

So hear I am, five years later, owner of two domains that people don't remember or believe in, three others that barely get traffic, still using the same web host, and writing a blog entry that doesn't even interest me. (At least I finally remembered to transfer from Network Solutions to Dotster this year. That's an extra twenty bucks a year in my pocket.) Yeah, I'm the king of the Internet.

Posted at 11:16:58 PM EDT on 01 July 2004 from Trenton, MI