Brainbench-a-thon: The Beginning.

After being thoroughly underwhelmed by my local town fireworks (which were nearly upstaged by a private show in the the township nextdoor) I got home late last night and decided to catch up on my e-mail. One of the many messages I had to sort through was a five-day-old missive from Brainbench, a website that charges people to take online job skill certification tests. I had joined the site years ago when I was looking for work, but was never impressed enough to pay for a test. This e-mail, however, was announced that all the tests are free through July 14. I was bored, I had some time to kill, and I'm looking for work again, so I decided to give one of their tests a shot. About half an hour later I had earned this:

Brainbench Certification: Written English (Master's Level)

My mother would be so proud! After four years of college, two years of grad school, and thirty years of practice, I finally have a GIF file proving that I've mastered the abilility to read and write my native language! That's so much cooler than, you know, a diploma or something.

I did a quick Google search for people's opinions of Brainbench, and didn't find a lot of positive ones. But I've been looking for a new stupid project to waste my time with. That map of New York still hasn't show up and I need a break from my latest attempt at Perl programming. I'm going to see how many useless certifications I can rack up while they're free. If they help me with job hunting (which I doubt they will), fine. If they don't -- at least I'll have something to write about... and lots and lots of useless GIF files.

Posted at 11:30:58 PM EDT on 05 July 2004 from Trenton, MI