Brainbench-a-thon, Part 7

If you've been following this latest dumb project, you might have noticed that I've taken a lot of Brainbench's Internet-related tests, but no programming tests. That's because I am not a programmer. My formal programming training ends with some high-school classes in Apple BASIC and Pascal. My informal programming experience in limited to MS-DOS batch files, some shell scripts, and just enough Perl to run my websites. I'd be afraid to take any real programmer tests.

So I took two almost programmer tests -- "Programmer/Analyst Aptitude" and "CGI Scripting". I passed both, but only got the Master's Level certifcation in the latter. So, I'm not a programmer, I have some potential to be one, and I know a lot about CGI scripting. Huh?

I also took tests in "Internet Industry Knowledge", "CSS2", and "Word Processing Fundamentals" while I was at it. The CSS2 score was particularly disappointing -- only 3.32 out of 5, my lowest score yet. I should know Cascading Style Sheets better than that -- I've been using them since 1997! I guess I'm out of practice. Maybe I should start practicing some more.

On the bright side, I've apparently mastered the used of MS Word, which is pretty good considering I only use its crippled cousin WordPad, and only that when I absolutely must.

Posted at 11:24:59 PM EDT on 14 July 2004 from Trenton, MI