The map so nice they named it once.

At the beginning of my Brainbench project, I mentioned that it taking forever for the state of New York to send me a road map. Convienently enough, New York waited for me to finish the Brainbench-a-thon -- the map showed up today.

I want to start the review of the map by complementing the photography, which is credited to Darren McGee. The front of the map has a great shot of two children on a amusement park log ride -- the narrow depth of field (McGee must have used an long telephoto lens) draws the eye straight to the kids. That was probably a tough shot to get, but it's perfect -- two happy kids underneath an I ♥ NY® Vacations logo.

Anyway, the map itself: Rectangular (much like Pennsylvania's map), but it Long Island off the lower right corner and shifts it to a inset on the left, which makes the state look... funny. (Until now, I'd never noticed how much New York state resembles a T-bone steak.) There's a lengthy "Index To Places" taking up the entire left edge of the map, and much smaller mileage chart at the top.

The back of the map features close-ups of the major urban cities (and a second close-up of Manhattan), capsule descriptions of New York's regional divisions, a list of information centers, a summary of important road laws, and the obligatory gratuitous photo of the governor, who makes it even more gratuitous by being photographed with his wife. (What does his wife have to do with roadmaps?)

It's an okay map, but it somehow fails to live up to the coolness of the cover photo. What map do I get next? I don't know. I've run out of states I've driven to, and I've run out of states I'm planning to visit. I'm going to have to think about this one for a few days.

Posted at 11:37:24 PM EDT on 19 July 2004 from Trenton, MI