Am I still available? Unfortunately, yes.

I got a call yesterday from a local recreation center. They were following up on a job application I filled out... in October. I still don't have a real job, so I agreed to go in and talk to them this afternoon. It was only for a part-time job supervising an ice-skating rink (basically, baby-sitting the minimum-wage teenagers who do the grunt work), so it was only a ten-minute interview. In fact, it was pretty much the same ten-minute interview I have everytime I apply for a simple job: The guy doing the hiring tells me what the job entails, I tell him "Sure, I've done most of that before," he says "We'll call you next week," and then I never hear from them again.

So I'm not an optimist. (There weren't many ads in the classifieds this week, so it was talk to that guy, or go apply at the porno theatre. As amusing as working an adult theatre may sound, I know even less about porn than I do about ice skating.) On the bright side, the job interviewer was polite enough to assume that I wasn't unemployed the entire time since October, so I told him I'd been freelancing (which I have, just not enough to live on). I suppose it's possible he thought I was responsible adult....

Posted at 11:42:05 PM EDT on 30 July 2004 from Trenton, MI