Return of the The Easiest Job in the World.

My bank called me at home today as part of a customer satisfaction survey. Just like the survey two months ago, this survey was only one question long. Man, I have really got to find out how to get that job.

Another tiny blast from my past: published an article yesterday about Republican women in Arizona voting for John Kerry. Among other things, they pointed out that Arionza Governor Janet Napolitano's narrow win in 2002 depended, in part, on Republican women voting against creepy conservative Republican Matt Salmon. I can vouch for that being true, because I was a Democrat ballot-chaser in 2002, and I met quite a few of those crossover voters during my canvassing.

In fact, come to think of it, Napolitano could be in trouble in the Republicans wise up and run a moderate against her next time. Fortunately for her, the Arizona Republican Party has been busy hunting down and destroying its moderates, so they're unlikely to have good one available come next election.

Posted at 11:11:50 PM EDT on 02 October 2004 from Trenton, MI