Revenge of the old liberals.

I got a postcard (union-printed, on recycled paper, with soy ink, even) today from a former employer, Clean Water Action asking me to join their campaign to tell people about the Bush Administration attacks on public health and environmental protections. Judging by the rest of the card, CLA considers me alumni, which I consider very charitable of them. After all, they had to fire me because I'm a lousy fundraiser.

I probably won't be calling them.

Another group I probably shouldn't be hanging out with, but I am anyway: The Trenton Democratic Club. Despite my negative assessment of their September meeting, I went to their October meeting tonight. I had a headache whent I entered. I had a migraine when I left.

Things started going downhill almost immediately. As soon as I signed in and grabbed a cup of coffee, and elderly gentlemen tried to introduce himself. The conversation went like this:

Hi. Mike Bauser.

Mike from Romania?

Uh, no.

Mike from Wayne State?

Uh, no.

Where do you live?

Down by the park...

And then he wanders off, leaving me to wonder if there's going to be a long-haired Romanian named Mike showing up tonight. As it turns out, the guy (also named Mike) spent the night asking everybody those questions. I eventually figured out Crazy Mike was asking where people lived because he's a precint captain; the purpose of the other two questions remains a mystery. He asked a lot of pointless questions actually, and appeared to often forget the answers he received.

Tonight's speakers were Ed Nykiel, a candidate for 33rd District Court Judge, and Raymond Andary, husband of Lynn Pearce, candidate for Wayne County circuit judge. Apparently, neither one of them is aware of the Odd Job Rule.

The Odd Job Rule: When you're running for one of the odd jobs (anything with the words "county", "district", "circuit", "commission", or "inspector" in the job title), you have to make sure people know what the job does! Put a paragraph at the beginning of your speech explaining what the job is, and why it's important enough to vote on!

Neither speaker was very clear about what their courts deal with, or what the physical jurisdictions are. By the end of the second speaker's question-and-answer period, it was pretty clear that some people thought the candidates were running for the same job. In fact, things got so confusing, nobody asked Nykiel about this political affiliation until after he sat down. Turns out he's... a moderate Republican... from Grosse Ile.

But I probably have to vote for him anyway, because the incumbent he's "running against" has announced plans to retire immediately before the election, and Michigan doesn't have a system for replacing retired judges between elections. If the incumbent wins, this district may be saddled with an empty courtroom for six years, or the state could eliminate the position entirely. This has caused some confusion.

Against my better judgement, I paid five bucks to join the club and receive their newletter. Remeber how checks used to have a "19__" on them for writing the year? My membership card has a "198_" on it for the date. Also, it has no signature from a club officer, because the treasurer taking dues wasn't sure he was authorized to sign the cards he was handing out. Huh?

I took a Lynn Pearce sign home with me and put it on the front lawn. I'm putting out lawn signs for pro-life Democrats. No wonder my head hurts.

Posted at 11:42:04 PM EDT on 14 October 2004 from Trenton, MI