It's not the first time I've bled for the Democratic Party.

Today, I got up bright and early planning to volunteer at the DDO, but developed a stomach ache immediately after breakfast. So I downed some Pepto Bismol, waited a few hours, then drove to the office. I'm still not sure if the pain was caused by the cheap bagel I had for breakfast, or free-floating anxiety about the election.

I spent another four hours phonebanking. This time I called would-be canvassers and would-be drivers. (Apparently, I'm considered a very good phonebanker at this office, and two or three people thanked me for that. If I'd known that's all it took to impress people, I'd have volunteered weeks ago.) While I was there, I snagged three tickets to an upcoming John Kerry rally in Detroit, because my retired parents want me to take them. Of course, my retired parents asking me for a ride, then ditching me is what got into the Trenton Democratic Club, so I can't count on them actually following through.

After that, several people headed over to local UAW hall to bundle campaign literature, so I joined them. When I worked in Arizona, "bundling literature" meant sitting down with boxes of three to five different boxes of literature (including voter registration forms) and using rubber bands to create individual bundles. Here, it means taking a box of 1800 identical door-hangers and splitting it into bundles of 100. After an hour (and three paper cuts, including an annoying one on my mouse-clicking finger), I resorted to a box-at-a-time method: dumping an entire box onto the table and moving the door-hangers around until I had 18 similarly-sized piles. That was pretty much the height of my creativity today.

On the positive side, I actually talked to people enough today to let them know this isn't my first campaign work. On the negative, I had to leave disappointing early (home by 11) to check up on my retiree parents. I really have got to get a grown-up life again....

Posted at 11:30:42 PM EDT on 30 October 2004 from Trenton, MI