And the first place they'll send the lawyers to is....

There's a little town in New Hampshire called Hart's Location that opens the polls at midnight so it can be the first town in America to report its presidential election results. The results are in, and the Bush/Kerry/Nader tally was 15/15/1.

Is is wrong that I want to drive to Hart's Location and slap that Nader voter?

I took my retiree parents to a John Kerry rally in Detroit today. It was like having two twelve year old children with me -- half the time, they were standing six inches behind me asking stupid questions, and the other half of the time, they were wandering reading useless signs on the walls. And then there was a whole thing about riding the People Mover and finding a bus stop that I really don't want to get into. Suffice it say, it was a lot a pain for a rally that even Kerry's people say wasn't that important, and I'm never taking my parents to the city again.

I didn't get back to Trenton until almost ten o'clock but I decided I still had time to help the Downriver Democrats with the last-minute preparations for tomorrow's canvass. I spent four hours doing nothing but little odd jobs (like attaching small flashlight to necklace-style holders), so I think my most noteworthy accomplishment tonight was not getting another papercut. Hurray for not bleeding!

Today, I sleep for a few hours, then vote, then canvass, then maybe go to the victory party, then sleep all day tomorrow.

Posted at 03:36:59 AM EST on 02 November 2004 from Trenton, MI