One last election to go.

After Election Day, I was feeling a little dejected. Although the Democrats did pretty well in Michigan, the Republicans held the White House and both houses of Congress. Even worse, 2005 is an "off year", with nothing but municipal elections in Michigan next year. That meant there wouldn't be much for a half-assed activist like me to do for the next year, except maybe join some letter-writing campaigns (Oceana has couple right now, if you're interested).

But I forgot about Louisiana.

See, the Bayou State doesn't use traditional primary elections to winnow down the number of a candidates each party fields. They just let as many Democrats and Republicans as possible run for each office, and hope that somebody gets more than fifty percent of the vote. If nobody does, they hold a runoff election a month later with the two most popular candidates. Those crazy southerners.

Two congressional races went into runoff elections this year, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has decided to throw some leftover money into the campaign by recruiting volunteers. Basically, all I have to do is get my ass to Louisiana the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the DCCC will pay for food and housing. So, unless somebody offers me a job between now and then, Louisiana here I come! I still got some fight left in me.

I checked my probable route on Maps On Us (Why do I use that site? It has a horrible name.), and discovered I have to drive through Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee to get to Louisiana. As it turns out, my map-collecting project sort of petered out with New York, so I don't have road maps of... Kentucky, Tennessee, or Louisiana. See what happens when you don't follow through, kids? I've ordered all three maps today, but it's unlikely any of them will show up before I leave. (Look on the bright side -- I might actually have an anecdote about the states by the time the maps arrive.) But finding Louisiana can't be that hard, right? Drive south from Michigan, and stop when I reach something that looks like the Gulf of Mexico, right?

Anybody here know the Gulf of Mexico looks like?

Posted at 11:35:07 PM EST on 20 November 2004 from Trenton, MI