I have no anecdote for Kentucky, but I do have a map!

I was walking out the front door today (to drive my mother around for some last-minute pre-Thanksgiving shopping) when I noticed I had mail. (It was hard to miss -- I tripped over a box the mailman left in the doorway.) What did I get? Four bottles of acrylic hobby paint that were very nearly frozen, and... the map of Kentucky that I ordered four days ago. I think that's a new record for map delivery. Now I at least have the maps to get me half way to Louisiana.

As far as official roadmaps go, it's pretty middle-of-the-road. It has a terribly uninspiring cover photo -- it's a picture of a pile of rocks next to a highway. Seriously, if that's the most interesting thing that Kentucky has near the interstate, I may drive through without stopping. The map itself is average, but at least it doesn't cut the state in two like New York's map did. The mileage chart is on the same side as the main map. The flip side of the map has close-ups of the important cities, but about a fourth of the side is wasted on historical information most normal travellers wouldn't get excited about.

The obligatory photo of the governor is thankfully small, but I have to ask (if I haven't already): Why do so many states put their governors' pictures on these maps? Most of these maps go to out-of-state vistors. Why do I need to know what the governor of Kentucky looks like? Am I really going to need to be able to recognize this guy? Is he going to be hanging out at the rest stops and gas stations?

I do like the "Drive Smart Kentucky" section, though. It summarizes a few of the important driving laws that I like to know when I'm in somebody else's state. I'm always the idiot asking "Do they allow right-turn-on-red in this state?", often in states I've been to before. In fact, right now, I can't remember if right-turn-on-red is legal in Ohio, and I lived there for six years.

And my family wonders why I never apply for driving jobs.

Posted at 11:23:01 PM EST on 24 November 2004 from Trenton, MI