Auction Misadventures: The Beginning

I've had a lot of stupid jobs over the years: beer guy, camera guy, search engine guy, home security guy, and a few more I don't feel like talking about. In addition to creating a résumé that makes potential employers think I'm a flake, the sucession of junk jobs has saddled me with a lot of useless swag. I'm got posters, keychains, ink pens, t-shirts, baseball caps, and all sorts of other things stamped with the logos of companies I really don't care about. It sits on bookshelves. It hangs in closets. It hides in basements. It's like I'm being physically haunted by all of my dead-end jobs.

So I've decided to get rid of most of it. There are a few things in there that are actually useful. (I can always use another pen, and the Fujifilm luggage tag is handy.) The rest is junk to me. Also, it's been a while since I gave myself a stupid project, so I decided to fix both problems at once: I'm going to figure out this eBay thing if it kills me.

Besides, I'm unemployed and I have less than twenty dollars in my checking account. I could use the money.

I've actually been thinking about selling some stuff on eBay on-and-off for a while now; I even went through the rigamorole of signing up as an eBay seller (which involved putting a credit card on file to pay seller fees and confirm my mailing address), but never got around to reading all the selling instructions. eBay must have gotten tired of me doing nothing, because they sent me an e-mail offering to let me list three auctions for free this weekend. (Also, they're probably trying to pump up traffic during a post-holiday slowdown.) I read somewhere that Sunday is the best day to start and end auctions, so yesterday I borrowed my mother's digital camera, grabbed some old Rolling Rock posters I've had in the basement since 1998, and rushed through the listing process.

My product descriptions aren't very good, the photos are substandard (really bad lighting in my parents' house), and I think I set the postage rates too high (eBay's postage estimator was giving me crazy estimates like nine dollars for a poster that weights about six onces). It's a rush job. I'll give these auctions a week, see what happens, and then try selling something else. The worst I can do this week is not make any money. Which, come to think of it, is probably what I was going to do anyway.

Posted at 11:44:13 PM EST on 10 January 2005 from Trenton, MI