Auction Misadventures: I hate postage calculators.

When I was listeding three old posters on eBay Sunday, eBay's postage calculator gave me some really high postage estimates (nine dollars!?) for posters that didn't weigh much. That's been bothering me all week, because I suspect it's scaring bidders away. So far, one poster has one bidder.

I had to go deposit a couple of checks at my bank today, so I decided to just take one of the posters (in a shipping tube) to the post office and ask a real human being what the postage would be. The human being's estimate? A dollar and seventy-five cents. Sheesh.

I was able to change the postage rates on two of the auctions. (eBay won't let me correct auctions that already have bids.) Hopefully that will help. Next time, I should get this stuff figured out before listing things for sale.

Posted at 11:13:41 PM EST on 14 January 2005 from Trenton, MI